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Quantstamp - Shows and wants love (Proof-of-caring 2.0)

Quantstamp is building the future of blockchain security that’s owned by the people of the world.

It’s only right we do everything together along the journey.

One of their favorite experiences in this project has been fostering a vibrant community through Proof-of-Caring. Thousands of people from around the world contributed to their project in their unique ways, and in return for their Proof-of-Caring, Quantstamp gave their early supporters access to our pre-sale.

When they closed applications for Proof-of-Caring, everybody was actually quite sad. It felt like they were ending something that had become a pillar of this project — the relationship and deep connection with their community.

In order to continue building upon Quantstamp’s relationship with the community, they came up with Proof-of-Caring 2.0.

Proof of Caring 2.0

They’ve been brainstorming within the team on how to best spread the love within ecosystems to help foster a distributed world.

Now that the token sale is over, Quantstamp’s development team is shifting gears to audit smart contracts and to improve our prototype.

They’ve made a conscious decision inhouse to only work with the best, most promising blockchain projects. Herein, projects we audit will have the opportunity to share their love to the community via an airdrop when we audit their projects.

This is just the beginning of Proof of Caring 2.0. In the future there’s going to be a lot more perks that come…

Determining Your Proof of Caring 2.0 Score

The amount of tokens you will be receive will be dependent on your Proof-of-Caring score. Here are some factors that will influence your score:

Your Level of Caring

  1. Connect Quantsamp with the community — helping with recruitment, helping with reddit, participating in the telegram, making youtube videos, setting up physical communities and local meetups.

  2. Providing the Quantstamp team with advice — improving our whitepaper, website design, translating copy, etc.

  3. Doing work for the team — Telegram admins, Local language admins, github code contributors, translators.

  4. Your existing history of support with the Quantstamp project

  5. The super secret events for those that have proven they are the very best.

Your proof of caring 2.0 score will be based on our algorithms. For the time being — the algorithm will not be made public to prevent gaming the system.

At a high level the equation is the following:

Active Project Contribution + Community Involvement + Wallet Tracking Algorithm + History of Support = Your POC 2.0 Score

The score is additive, there is no theoretical limit to your score. Before each airdrop, your score will be displayed for your individual account.

Your Proof of Caring 2.0 score

In order to be eligible for Proof of Caring 2.0, it's recommended that you store your tokens on one of the following ERC20 compatible wallets:

  • MyEtherWallet

  • Mist

  • Ledger

  • Trezor

  • MetaMask

Good luck and don't forget to show your love!

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